Waste Management Finance

HarbourEdge is a Canadian commercial equipment leasing company. We help companies like yours to finance the new and used waste management equipment you need to succeed. We typically finance capital leases of $25,000 up to $500,000.

Why Lease?

Capital leases, otherwise known as lease-to-own, lets you buy equipment without shelling out a ton of money. You can conserve your cash, financing new or used equipment through your monthly operating capital. But cash savings are not the only reason to lease. You can write off 100% of equipment lease payments at tax time.

Flexible & Responsive Waste Management Finance Solutions

HarbourEdge has earned the reputation as a responsive, creative provider of waste management finance solutions. Are you in need of a quick turnaround on a lease? Our underwriters can issue leases within days, not weeks!

If your business financials are available and you have existing collateral in your business, give us a call. HarbourEdge is likely right for you.

Used Waste Management Equipment Capital Leases

Buying new doesn’t always make sense. A roll-off truck with 75% of its life left can sell for substantially less than the price of a new one. Buying used is often the best financial choice.

That’s why HarbourEdge handles so much used equipment financing. If you’re in waste management, transportation, construction or manufacturing and you need to finance used or new equipment, we have the leasing solutions for you. We work with owner-operators and major companies alike.

Taking a Creative Approach to Waste Management Finance

When circumstances demand it, we can draw on significant expertise in structuring credit to suit the financing needs of our clients. One example of this is sale and lease-back: clients that have significant equipment but are short on working capital will sell us a portion of their equipment. We give them the cash and they pay up back over time through a lease-to-own program.

To find out how HarbourEdge can help you meet your waste management equipment needs, please get in touch!

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