Leasing Equipment with HarbourEdge

HarbourEdge is an innovative commercial equipment leasing company. We help public and private sector enterprises to finance and lease the new and used equipment they need to thrive.

Flexible & Responsive Equipment Leasing Solutions

We have earned the reputation as a knowledgeable, flexible and extremely responsive provider of equipment leasing solutions. With HarbourEdge on your Team, you can arrange a new lease, from $25,000 to $500,000 in days, not weeks!

Used Equipment Capital Leases

It doesn’t always make sense to buy new. Just think: a truck with 75% of its life left can cost less than half the amount of a brand new one. Buying used is better value! That’s why HarbourEdge regularly funds used equipment leases.

Capital leases, also known as lease-to-own, are a smart way to buy used equipment. Not only does equipment leasing allow you to conserve your cash reserves and pay for the things you need through operating capital, but you can also write off 100% of capital leases at tax time.

If you are in transportation, construction, manufacturing or waste management and you’re looking to finance used or new equipment, HarbourEdge creates equipment leasing solutions that work. We meet the equipment financing needs of a wide variety of enterprises, from small family-owned businesses to large corporations and government agencies.

Taking a creative approach to equipment leasing

HarbourEdge has significant expertise in underwriting and structuring credit, so we can be more creative in our approach to capital leasing.

For seasonal businesses, we offer seasonal equipment leasing payments. For companies with substantial equipment but in need of working capital, we can offer a sale and lease-back option: we will buy equipment from you and give you the cash (you get to keep and use the equipment), then you lease it back over time.

Leasing enables you to acquire the equipment you need while keeping your cash reserves intact. And because a lease is tax-deductible, you’ll pay less tax. Talk about a win-win!
To find out how HarbourEdge can help you meet your equipment needs, please get in touch!

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