Leasing Broker Services

We value our Leasing Brokers. Since over 90% of our leases are arranged by Brokers, we rely on them to succeed. Good Brokers prequalify their clients, which saves us time.

In return, HarbourEdge saves Brokers time. We make decisions quickly. We are creative and flexible. We don’t have a narrow, prescribed credit box—we take all of an applicant’s financial details into account, both business and personal.

If you appreciate a leasing company that turns on a dime, doesn’t believe in exit charges and picks up the phone whenever you call, you’ll like HarbourEdge.

A Long History of Capital Lease Expertise

HarbourEdge principals have many decades of capital finance under their belts. We rely on the expertise of our sister company,`HarbourEdge Mortgage Investment Corporation}, and vice-versa. Thanks to a significant pool of high caliber resources shared between the two companies, we can provide project teams on demand complete with accountants, credit experts, highly experienced leasing professionals and legal counsel.

Our sweet spot is equipment capital leases for construction, manufacturing, transportation, waste management and similar business sectors in the $25,000 to $500,000 range. If that is what you are seeking, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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