Fast, affordable construction financing

You have a big job coming up. You need more, bigger or better equipment. How can you make it happen?


We are a Canadian commercial equipment leasing company that helps businesses to finance and lease the heavy equipment they need. HarbourEdge underwrites leases from $25,000 to more than $500,000.

Try HarbourEdge once and you’ll come back again and again. HarbourEdge has earned the trust of clients across Canada for construction financing, rolling stock financing and more.

Leasing Used Construction Equipment

When it comes to construction equipment, buying new isn’t always the best option. Used machines with low hours often represent a much better deal. The main problem with used construction equipment is finding the financing.

HarbourEdge delivers. We do a significant amount of used construction financing across the country. Our leasing clients range from owner-operators to Canada’s biggest construction firms.

If you’re considering used construction equipment for your business, you will be glad to know that there is an alternative to purchasing: lease it!

Why Lease?

Many firms just don’t have the cash on hand for major purchases. And unlike purchasing, leasing heavy equipment doesn’t stretch your resources. Capital leasing, also known as lease-to-own, is a smart way to acquire much-needed equipment. Monthly payments come from your operating income, NOT your cash reserves. But the best thing about construction financing is the tax savings: commercial heavy equipment leasing payments are 100% tax deductible!

A Creative Approach to Construction Financing

HarbourEdge has great expertise in leasing and lease-to-own, so we can be more creative in our approach to construction financing than most financial institutions. For example, we can offer seasonal heavy equipment leasing payments to road construction companies. And we can structure leases along the same lines for other seasonal businesses.

If you have all the equipment you need but you are short on working capital, we can offer you a sale and lease-back option: we buy your equipment (you maintain possession and use) and you can lease-to-own over the course of 12 to 66 months.

To find out how HarbourEdge can help you meet your construction financing needs, please get in touch!

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