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HarbourEdge Commercial Finance Corporation specializes in providing equipment finance solutions for two groups:

• End-users acquiring assets for their own operations (typically through a Leasing Broker)

• Equipment distributors and manufacturers selling equipment via our Vendor Program

The HarbourEdge Vendor Program enables manufacturers and distributors to sell more product while assuming no risk. HarbourEdge offers financing solutions for a broad range of equipment and industries, including:

• Construction

• Transportation

• Manufacturing

• Waste Management

• Material Handling

• Municipal Vehicles

• EMS Vehicles

• Recycling

• Mining & Aggregate

• Forestry

• Technology & Office Products

• Healthcare

• Government

• Education

• Golf Carts and Turf Management

• Landscaping

• Media/Entertainment

• Power Generation

• Agriculture


HarbourEdge structures, funds and manages our own leasing portfolio across Canada.

The experience and dedication of our Leadership Team is a key element to our success. Our decades of financial experience enables us to identify opportunities quickly, while our size allows us to be nimble, turning applications into capital loans in a matter of days. Specific industry experience that you will find in our Team includes leasing, institutional finance, real estate construction & development, accounting, and financial governance.

HarbourEdge Commercial Finance Corporation forms part of the HarbourEdge Group. Together, we offer a suite of financial services across Canada. Find out more.

This unique combination of experience—banking, accounting and real estate development—enables HarbourEdge to accurately gauge a deal’s potential. It also serves to define our niche.

The HarbourEdge Group of Companies is organized as follows: HarbourEdge Capital Corporation issues and manages mortgages. HarbourEdge Asset Management Corporation was formed to raise capital on behalf of the HarbourEdge MIC. The HarbourEdge MIC is a privately owned company offering investors the opportunity to participate in an alternative investment class of a diversified, secure portfolio of professionally managed, high yielding Canadian residential and commercial real estate mortgages.

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